Sunday, 21 January 2007


Having consolidated a position as one of the country's three major importers of rotary tillage horticultural machinery and small power agricultural equipment, Ivory Brothers Limited undertook a substantial manufacturing programme. During 1954 Ivory Brothers Limited purchased from Messrs. C.V. Crowe ltd., Hamilton, all the rights, patents and designs for the manufacture of rotary grass, rubbish and scrub cutters and immediately began laying down for the production of the first thousand units.
These machines (the Flailmaster and Fieldmaster product lines) were going to play a vital part in land clearance for increased production of extensive areas at that time covered with fern, rushes, blackberry, gorse and light scrub.
Certain component parts such as castings were produced by contract foundries while other components were fabricated by Ivory Brothers' own production facilities.
Readers may be interested in this patent application from 1965, indicative of Ivory Brothers' ongoing r&d activities.

Mike Ivory

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